Good things come to those who learn

Art For Science and medicine

good things come to those who learn

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My work

I create a variety of medical and scientific media including animation and design, specializing in 2D and 3D illustration.


accurate, engaging, visual tools for science and medicine

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hello there

My name is Ashley, and I am from Cincinnati, OH, where I was a suburban kid who had no idea how to expand my own horizons. I stayed in Ohio for college and a few years after, but I met incredible people who helped me begin to think critically about the world around me and expand my worldview.

I stepped out of Cincinnati and into Chicago for my Master’s in Medical Illustration. I found a city teeming with life, culture, great food, and even more amazing people. We learned, laughed, struggled, cried, and triumphed together. I would not be the artist I am now without my peers.

I now inhabit a world of science and art, of people and clients, who constantly ask me to stretch my knowledge and my skills. I bring a drive perpetuated by continual learning and growth to every project. Clients and I work together to represent science and medicine, diverse cultures, and microscopic worlds. Let’s keep expanding, together.

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